Proper Attire

What to wear to Barre:

Gym_GalaxyPurple_YogaPants_2-WEB_1024x1024When dressing for Barre, dress in what you feel comfortable in. Think spandex or yoga pants. You can wear a loose fitting or tight fitting top. It’s your choice. You will sweat. You can go barefoot or you can wear socks with grips on the bottom. If you choose to wear socks please make sure they have the grips on the bottoms, if not you run the risk of slipping. If you are looking for something more fashionable for your Barre footwear you can always search online for Barre socks or footwear. It’s totally up to you.


What to wear to Pole:

When dressing for Pole you what you want to be mindful of is that pole will require your legs, arms and hands to be wrapped around the Pole. With some of the moves all three body parts will have contact with the Pole at the same time. So when dressing for Pole you will want to wear spandex shorts and a tighter fitting shirt. Loose articles of clothing will hinder your movements and you run the risk of slipping or getting your clothes entangled around the Pole.

If you are new to Pole the studio is equipped with several items to help facilitate your workout. The studio is equipped with dry hands to ensure a good grip on the Pole. It is also equipped with foot protectors with grip and thigh protectors with grip. This will help you achieve a better hold on the Pole.

It is imperative that you do not apply moisturizer or oils 2 hours prior to class. Also please remove all jewelry.